Why we
  •   TM "EUROPROM" was founded in 2013 as a trading company of used cooling industrial equipment in Ukraine. In 2015, we created our own warehouse in the Poland, in order to offer our customers minimum prices and short delivery times. Our team has experience in the supply and configuration of chillers for a wide range of industries from food to chemical, as well as shopping centers, ice arenas and hotels. Thanks to a narrow specialization, we managed to realize more than 60 projects in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. with a capacity of chillers from 30 to 1800 kW.
  •   Our mission is to help you build and develop your business. Сontacting with us, your expenses for the purchased production equipment will be optimal, and equipment - high-quality and a workable. Our scheme of delivery allows you to optimize transport expenses, and service team also provides services to the installation works of equipment and stuff training for its use.
  •   The "Europrom" - are reliable business partners for the development of your business. Our team consists of professional engineers, experts in industrial logistics and specialists in equipment. We will give you the answer at your most difficult technical questions, competently pick up the equipment at your request and consult on the installation and start-up. Through our partnership with a network of local companies we will promptly provide you with the best engineering solutions.
Our clients