Complete compressor stations

New Complete compressor stations

Complete compressor stations Bitzer (low-temperature)

- Semi-hermetic piston compressor Bitzer (3 pcs.)
Model: 4TC-12.2Y-40P
Productivity:  41,3 m3/h

Cooling capacity:  8,6 kW, at -30/40°С, R404A

- Semi-hermetic piston compressor  Bitzer (3 pcs.)
Model: 4DC-5.2Y-40S
Productivity: 26,9 m3/h

Cooling capacity: 5,7 kW, at -30/40°С, R404A

In our warehouse there is refrigerated equipment from European, Japanese and American manufacturers with capacity from 5 to 1300 kilowatts in the cold. Refrigeration compressors and refrigeration units from the manufacturers: Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Bock, Gea, Frascold, Dorin for food storage (fish, meat, milk products, fruits) and vegetable stores. Each product has its own temperature storage modes, which depend on the correct choice of the compressor and the construction of the entire system. Our specialists will calculate what type and power of the compressor is used. We have: piston, screw, spiral compressors: from 5 m3 to 500 m3. For low and medium temperatures.

  • Brand: Bitzer
  • Power: 46 kW
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