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Refrigeration units
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Refrigerating unit is a complex of equipment consisting primarily of compressor, air condenser, evaporator and set of automation for temperature condition control. The task that performs refrigerating plant is the maintenance of the prescribed temperature for storage of various products or substances. It can maintain necessary temperature within the range from +15 till -40ºC. Refrigerating units are widely used in the systems of cold supply (centralized and decentralized) and air conditioning. They are highly demanded in the area of industrial cold (agriculture, food, processing, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and other) and trade cold (in the shop construction), and also in different stocks and bases. 

There are different types of refrigerating systems, depending on signs. The following types are distinguished on the grounds of quantity of constituent parts of the unit:

- split systems

- monoblocks.

Split systems consist of compression-condensing unit and air cooler connected to each other by pipelines. They can be placed at a distance from one another. These devices are mainly applied at industrial enterprises, plants and factories, where large volumes of products have to be stored.

Monoblock also consists of compression-condensing unit and air cooler, but they are executed bound and connected between themselves. There is an insulating pad between parts of monoblock. Monoblock cools interior space of cold-storage chamber of small volume during storage of products, flowers and other goods. This type of refrigerating units is distinguished by compactness and ease of installation.

Other differences of refrigerating units:

  •       by the amount of compressors (one-compressor; multi-compressor);
  •       by the unit arrangement (compressor-condensing; compressor-receiver);
  •       by the operational mode (low-temperature; medium-temperature; high-temperature).

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