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Cooling unit – is a set of equipment, consisting mainly of a compressor, an air condenser, evaporator, and automatic complex for thermal management. The task that executes the refrigeration unit, is to maintain the predetermined temperature for storing various kinds of products or substances. They can maintain the required temperature in the range from +15 to -40 ° C. Refrigeration units are widely used in cold supply systems (centralized and decentralized) and air conditioning. They are highly sought in the field of industrial refrigeration (agriculture, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and others.) and commercial cold (in shop fitting), as well as various warehouses and food bases.

There are different types of refrigeration systems , depending on the features. By the number of components of the unit are distinguished:

  • Split-system;
  • Monoblocks.

Split systems consist of the condensing unit and the air cooler, interconnected pipelines. They may be located at a distance from each other. In general, these devices are used in industrial plants, combines and factories, where you want to store large volumes of products.

Monoblock also consists of a condensing unit and air cooler, but they are made in the bond and connected to each other. Between the parts of the monoblock is an insulating gasket. Monoblock cools the interior space of the refrigerating chamber of small volume storage products, flowers and other goods. This type of cooling unit is compact and easy installation.
Other signs of cooling units:

  • By the number of compressors (one compressor; multicompressor);
  • According to the layout of the unit (condensing; compressor-Receiver);
  • In manual mode (low temperature, medium temperature; high temperature).

The company "Europrom" offers a wide range of refrigeration units from leading European brands from Germany and the Netherlands, which have high quality, efficiency and durability. Due to direct supply from Europe, we offer our customers the best prices on the refrigeration system.

Our company cares about its reputation and offers customers reliable technology, high level of service, as well as 6 months warranty on the purchased equipment. Here you can purchase a refrigeration unit, optimally satisfy your needs. In the selection of equipment must take into account thermal calculation and safety factors and also characteristics of the premises. Our experienced staff will provide you with qualified advice, help with a choice and take care of the installation of equipment.