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Used Chillers from the "Europrom" company

Chiller– is a refrigeration unit for air conditioning in commercial premises. Industrial chillers have a wide range of applications. They are used in the wine industry, production of plastics, mechanical engineering and metal processing, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for a variety of technical needs, as well as for ice rinks and swimming pools. The chillers maintain the required temperature for the productive operation of the equipment.

The company "Europrom" has experience of delivery of used chillers for dairy products, confectioneries, ice rinks, shopping centers, production of plastic products, as well as farms for growing mushrooms. By cooling type of condenser chillers are water and air cooling. Air-cooled chiller can be monoblock (with built-in capacitor) or with remote condenser. The second option allows you to set the unit indoors and the condenser stand on the roof. This simplifies maintenance and increases the reliability of operation.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Chillers

Chillers can have heating mode (heat pump) or be without it. Heat pump can not only cool but also heat coolant. Here you will find the chillers of different types: monoblocks, with remote condenser, rooftops, chillers system freecooling and heat pump chillers, including available units with these types of compressors: scroll, screw, piston, centrifugal, as well as with the latest generation of fuel-efficient compressors - turbochargers Core. Our company has been supplying used chiller in such well-known brands such as Carrier, Climaveneta, Trane, Hiross, Lennox, York, McQuay, Airwell, Ciat, Aermec, Daikin, Clivet, which characterized by high quality, quiet operation, precision and efficiency.

Free cooling- system allows save energy up to 50% in the autumn and spring time, due to the additional capacitor with propylene glycol solution and by cooling with external cold air, not wasting a compressor capacity. The freecooling chiller operation mode can be switched automatically.

The advantages of chillers are ease of use, wide range of capacities, refrigerant harmlessness, low noise, easy installation and simple maintenance. Available used chiller model can be found on our website.

Information about delivery of used chillers

Used Chillers, which we supply, meet high quality standards and have reasonable prices. Selection of the unit - an important issue deciding which should take into account the different nuances. First of all, you need to take into consideration, for what you need refrigeration unit and its low-temperature performance. Our team of professionals provides advice on any matters relating to the purchase of the unit and the selection of the optimal model for your purposes, taking into account individual wishes of the client. We give a guarantee on supplied used chillers, as well as provide expert installation.