March 26 2019

Trane Rtac375 mit Kälteleistung von 1.300 kW, Baujahr 2006

The team of Europrom try to purchase only the best chillers. One of such leaders of the refrigeration industry is the American company TRANE. Even twenty-year-old chillers works excellently. In our warehouse, chillers from this manufacturer are available with capacity from 300 to 1300 kW, different model series, such as RTAC, RTAB, CGAN, ERTAA, RTAA.
The most powerful chillers in our model line came to our warehouse: RTAC375 and slightly smaller than RTAC170. Trane Rtac375 with a capacity of 1300 kWt in 2006 with a working hours of 9000 hours, in a 4-compressor Trane chiller. Exactly the same, but 4 years older with an operating time of 10,000 hours arrived a day later. At the moment in the warehouse 7 chillers used from the manufacturer Trane