March 26 2019

Used chiller Geoclima with freecooling. Cooling capacity - 154 kw. 2005 year of made.

We were brought to the warehouse by a used Geoclima chiller, until the last day we did not know the chiller’s configuration, and when we saw it turned out that it was all inclusive !!! Chiller with a system of freecooling, and a full set of hydromodule: 2 pumps, expansion tank and storage tank. There is also a separate heat exchanger for each circuit, and the condenser is wired with a strong metal grating. Despite the small capacity of the chiller of 154 kW. He has an impressive weight of more than 3 tons. It is equipped with two piston compressors Bitzer 6J-33.2Y with a capacity of 95.3 m3 per each circuit. Company was founded in 1994, Geoclima manufactures air conditioning equipment of the highest standard and has won many awards, all the design of the chillers is aimed at the introduction of new technologies in the field of air conditioning. The plant is located in the northeast of Italy, with an area of ​​5000 m2 and produces 500 units per year.