March 26 2019

Used chiller Trane for the ice rink in Moldova

In the search of equipment company from Moldova has contacted our partners who constructing ice arenas. Installation planned to open skating rink in Kishinev city and the opening just before the new year. To create a better attraction on the field size in the width of twenty meters and length of forty, we proposed to establish clear board made of polycarbonate and used chiller Trane RTAC 170 2002 year and capacity of 500 kW. For ice service our team prepared the machine WM2301 with installed Ford gasoline engine. After agreeing all terms and conditions of supply within a short period of time ice field was mounted and equipment for ice arenas was delivered. Ice cleaning machine has received an expert report in Germany in the past year about ideal condition, and we just sharped the knives for ice cutting. As always, the most delicate equipment is a chiller and it requires accurate and continuancesetting especially when it come to a temperature below minus 10. There are many nuances in the controller setup, the work coil and compressor, as well as oil to lubricate the rotating parts at negative temperatures. But as Trane Chillers is one of the best units for cooling fluid, the result is not long to wait. A festive atmosphere, crowds of people, good mood, and beautiful skating rink is the ideal place for a winter pastime.  Watch video from ice rink in Moldova at our youtube channel