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Brewery | Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Chiller RHOSS THCETY 28 kW for «DBR Browar Sp. z o.o.» (brewery)

The real brewer knows that the secret of crystal clear beer is the precise process of cooling. A properly selected chiller will provide the necessary temperature, guaranteeing compliance with the technology of the beer production process. Quick cooling of the wort, dissipates turbidity and as a result you get a good, clear beer with a pleasant taste.

In addition to the fact that chiller is able to make beer transparent, the high speed of wort cooling – significantly reduces the probability of reproduction of pathological microorganisms during the production of beer. The ideal fermentation temperature of beer depends on its type. It is generally recognized that it is divided into two categories: «ale» and «lager». And within the division into types, already distributed by varieties. For example, for proper fermentation of the type of beer «lager», a lower temperature is necessary compared to «ale». In summary, the satisfactory temperature in the beer production process is in the range of 4 to 21 C.


The Polish brewery «DBR Browar Sp. z o.o.» asked to choose chiller according to the necessary characteristics. Taking into account their wishes, our manager has proposed a new chiller brand RHOSS with a refrigeration capacity of 28 kW. The 2021 refrigeration machine is equipped with a spiral compressor brand Copeland, which are characterized by quality and durability of operation. There is also a hydraulic module in the chiller, which includes a pump and expansion tank. The system is controlled by a Carel controller. The chiller of this model is quite compact, so it is well suited for installation in breweries.

Thanks to the quick delivery to the right location and the installation of the cooler, the brewery was able to work on time. The client has already managed to appreciate the advantages and quality of chiller work.


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