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Brewery | Ukraine,Yaremche

Chillers with free cooling Climaveneta 150 kW

Using a natural cold in the chiller with free cooling system increases the service life of the refrigerator and reduces energy costs. Chiller with free-cooling technology could be used in the production of beer and other products of the food industry, as well as it can be used in the chemical industry, in the manufacture of plastic products, etc.

The brewery, which is located near the town of Yaremche (West Ukraine), acquired in our company used chiller with the function of free cooling. Capacity of the unit is 150 kW. Thanks to the free-cooling system, which allows you to use in the cold season cold outside air to cool the refrigerant, customers will significantly save energy costs. The manufacturer of this used chiller is Climaveneta. This Italian company, which is included in the De’Longhi Group of companies, and since 2012 is part of a group of companies DELclima. Climaveneta S.p.A. ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world among manufacturers of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning. The quality and reliability of Climaveneta equipment – guarantee a long operating period.

Our company is also engaged in the sale of used equipment, such as  chillers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration equipment. The full catalog of our used equipment you can view here.