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Cooling molding machines | Wattville, Switzerland

Chiller BLUE BOX ZETA REV HE HP 111 kW for «Optrel Tec Ag» (Cooling molding machines)

This year, the international company «Optrel Tec Ag», which is located in Wattwil (Switzerland), joined our clients. It is known that due to its good geographical location, Switzerland is famous for its environmental friendliness. According to the world ranking in 2016, Switzerland ranks 16th in terms of environmental efficiency. The country is constantly monitoring and studying the state of the atmosphere with the help of 16 monitoring stations included in the National Network for Monitoring Harmful Substances in the Atmosphere.

Cooperation with Swiss production is an honor for our company. Negotiations have been conducted since last year and yet, «Optrel Tec Ag» chose a chiller from our company. We are grateful to the management for his trust and wish prosperity to their production.

«Optrel Tec Ag» is a leading manufacturer of active eye protection products, which are primarily used in such areas as welding, grinding and healthcare. The company is focused on safety, health and efficiency for its users!

Our task was to select the chiller in a new condition. Taking into account all the wishes of the customer, we came to a common decision. To ensure all production processes, a new single-circuit chiller with a heat pump of the brand «BLUE BOX» ZETA 111 KW 2019 was proposed.

A single-circuit chiller based on energy-efficient Danfoss compressors was manufactured and delivered. The unit is a compact monoblock and has such strengths:

  • Chiller with low refrigerant charge
  • Intelligent management of defrost cycles: Anti-Ice Circuit
  • Night Shift function for noise control (optional)
  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye supervision system. (options)
  • Inverter driven pumps (options)

More information about this and other products can be seen on the page of our website. If you need help in choosing – contact us, we will calculate and select a chiller for all your requirements!