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Cooling molding machines | Feldru, Romania

Chiller BlueBox ZETA REV 53 kW for «DEFAPLAST INVEST SRL» (Cooling molding machines)

With the emergence of new technologies, the production of plastic products, goes to a new level. Work processes become less expensive and efficient. However, cooling of plastic still remains one of the most important production problems. Since many technological processes, run with the use of water, which is used for qualitative cooling of the equipment, namely: hydraulic oil, dies, calandres, heads of the extrusion, forming tool, calisbrators, etc. e.

The use of a chiller in the production of plastic products, allows to maintain optimal temperature and to optimize the process of work: To increase productivity, to increase the quality of plastic products, to reduce the time of technological processes and interruptions in the functioning of the equipment. Due to this equipment, the service life of the main production equipment is increased, which affects the efficiency and reliability of cooling systems. Approved domestic manufacturers of refrigeration equipment have achieved significant success in production of high-efficiency energy-saving units, and energy saving in the process of operation is also a great plus.

This year we were contacted by the Romanian company “DEFAPLAST INVEST SRL”, whose activity is to manufacture foils and films made of natural polyethylene with printing from 1 to 6 colors. We satisfied their request by selecting a chiller of the Italian brand BlueBox with a cooling capacity of 53 kW, manufactured in 2019.


The refrigerator is equipped with two Copeland scroll compressors, which are known for their reliability and durability. Also, the chiller has 1 refrigerant circuit, plate heat exchanger, 2 condenser fans, which have smooth rotation control. The hydromodule includes all necessary components for system operation: Lowara pump, CIMM expansion tank, accumulator tank. The system is controlled by the Dixell Ichill controller.


Thanks to quick delivery to the desired location and installation of the cooler, it was possible to ensure timely operation of production. The client has already managed to evaluate the advantages and quality of the chiller.

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