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Cooling molding machines | Kodersdorf, Germany

Chiller BlueBox Zeta REV he HP,111 kW for «FG Kunststoffmatten GmbH» (injection molding machines)

In the modern world, plastic products are very popular because of their accessibility, versatility and ease of processing. The most popular equipment for their creation is a injection molding machine (TPA). This is a casting machine with an injection-casting principle of operation, which is designed for the production of elements from thermoplastics using a high-pressure casting process. It should be understood that during the operation of the casting machine, the molds and the working oil of the hydraulic drive are significantly heated. As a result, overheating can lead to the failure of the injection molding machines themselves. That is why it is necessary to apply refrigeration and it is worth remembering that for refrigeration equipment (chiller) the main parameter of selection is refrigeration efficiency.

When determining the refrigerating capacity, it is important to take into account the temperature supplied to the heat carrier consumer, as the cooling capacity is directly dependent on the temperature of the heat carrier at the output from the chiller. Typically, the polymeric sphere uses water with a temperature of +15C as heat carrier, this temperature is optimal for cooling in a hydraulic TPA station, and is also suitable for cooling thermostats.


We have received a request from the FG Kunststoffmatten GmbH, which is involved in the ecological and economical processing of industrial waste from soft PVC into universal products for internal and external use. Behind the material and technical parameters, electrical power, and approximation to the clamping force of the TPA, the BlueBox brand chiller with a cooling capacity of 111 kW turned out to be a suitable cooling machine. This model has a low-noise sound characteristic, and this is a great advantage for a chiller that is planned to install inside the room, where there is a constant flow of people.

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