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Cosmetology | Греция, Ореокастро

Chiller BLUE BOX Zeta REV HE HP 40 kW for cosmetology company «Sostar»

Choosing cosmetics and care products for ourselves and our family, we do not think about what changes are happening with the product from idea to implementation. Cosmetics are quite in demand in the market. This business requires financial investments to create a specialized and high-end production line, as well as a selection of high-quality equipment. Depending on the product class, consistency, packing volume and other factors, it is necessary to choose the right equipment for production.

The biggest demand among entrepreneurs are:

  • fat fins – this type of equipment can be used to produce cosmetics, it helps melt solid components or maintain their consistency at a given temperature;
  • cooling boilers are special vacuum equipment that is used to stir the mass;
  • mixer taps is a technique that allows mixing liquid or viscous raw materials;
  • various containers that are designed to move or store raw materials;
  • chillers – provides perfect temperature control in production.


Many chemical production processes occur with the release of heat, requiring its removal. In addition to cooling, often the technology requires a heating process and further accurate temperature maintenance by cyclic heating/cooling. These processes are well handled by chillers. That is why they are widely used in various industries. Such solutions provide significant savings in electricity and equipment costs. Today, chillers have shown their effectiveness in various fields: mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, printing, food processing, metal processing, etc.

Taking into account the fact that almost all chemical and pharmacological industries require cooling for a whole year, and the coolant temperature is usually lower than the ambient air temperature during the warm season, it is advisable to use chillers.

It is also a reliable tool to reduce the time of production cycles and, consequently, the cost of the final product. Selected by us chiller, ideal for this sphere. Its reliable operation is ensured by precise and automatic adjustment of performance. The chiller structure is suitable for use in aggressive environments.

The Greek company Sostar, which manufactures skin care products, also needed a cooling machine for its enterprise. Taking into account their needs, we settled on single-circuit chiller brand BLUE BOX, model Zeta REV HE HP 4.2 with refrigeration capacity of 40 kW 2019 manufacture.

Our client is convinced that in modern chemical and pharmacological production it is very important to maintain temperature balance. Even small temperature fluctuations can cause undesirable chemical reactions and affect reagents irreversibly. Therefore, the installation of advanced temperature monitoring equipment is necessary to reduce production risk and improve product quality.

If you plan to start your production from scratch or upgrade the existing line – review the catalog of the company Evroprom and our specialists will help you to choose the equipment for your needs. For advice, please call the following number or write to the mail: https://evroprom.com.