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Evroprom company constantly buys: chillers, equipment for shock freezing, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, ice resurfacers and other equipment for ice arenas.

Dairy factory | Ukraine, Zaporozhye region

Chiller MTA 65 kW. Ukraine, Zaporozhye region - Dairy factory

Chiller is industrial refrigeration equipment which cools the various liquids. In our time, the scope of chillers application is very wide, particular their use in the dairy industry.

We have received a request from a small factory, which produces the production of ice cream, ravioli and milk products. They were looking for used chiller with capacity of 70 kW. Since the company is small, the budget for the purchase of such equipment was limited. Our team choose the suitable variant for them – used chiller of the Italian company MTA. Used chiller MTA with a capacity of 65, which is equipped with hydronic module and pump.

MTA is an Italian enterprise that has been producing equipment for the treatment of compressed gases, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning for over 30 years. Over the years, it has succeeded in developing an international commercial presence, earning an excellent reputation for the quality of its products, for its flexibility and customer orientation.

Our company is also engaged in the sale of used equipment, such as: chillers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration equipment. The catalog of products you can be found here.