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Evroprom company constantly buys: chillers, equipment for shock freezing, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, ice resurfacers and other equipment for ice arenas.

Dairy factory | Ukraine, Zhytomyr region

Chiller Trane 465 kW

To maintain the optimum temperature of technological processes in the food industry is widely used different schemes of production equipment with water cooling. From temperature stability of coolant depends quality and costs per unit of production. Nowadays more and more in demand refrigeration equipment, su as chillers. Today used chillers are widely used in the food industry, in particular in the dairy industry.

Expanding production capabilities, one of the enterprises for the production of dairy products, purchased from our company “Europrom” used chiller of American company Trane, with capacity of 465 kW. Chiller provides the work of the special refrigerating chambers that comply with the low-temperature regime, which is important for the storage of dairy products.

Chillers – one of the most important activities of the Trane company. The company’s engineers perfectly have learned this area. This enabled them to develop advanced applications to manage refrigeration units.

Our company is also engaged in the sale of used equipment, such as: chillers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration equipment. The full catalog of products you can be found here.