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Dairy factory | Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region

Milk cooling tank Alfa Laval 7500 liters

No factory of the food or milk production will not do without the large, chemically passive vessels. They are very important in the manufacture process. Thanks to modern food tanks – quality and freshness of the made product is stored much longer.

In the production of dairy products the main purpose is cooling the milk. It is produced by lowering the temperature, and the creation of conditions that will inhibit the development of microorganisms in the milk. This will help keep the normal properties and quality of the milk for more longer time.

For one of the dairies our firm “Europrom” installed used milk cooling tank. The group of experts picked up the used tank Alfa Laval of Swedish company. The volume of it is 7500 liters. This used tank efficiently and quickly cool the milk to 4-5 ° C. It is equipped with modern electronics that allows you to see the current temperature of the product and also protected from power surges in the electrical network. High-quality milk cooling is carried out by a special thermal insulating sheath in the dairy unit, which does not let it heat.

Alfa Laval Group more than 130 years developing and manufacturing equipment, designed to enhance the efficiency of production processes. In more than 100 countries sales their techniques. Important contribution to the high level of competitiveness Alfa Laval is continuous improvement of the company’s products.

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