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Evroprom company constantly buys: chillers, equipment for shock freezing, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, ice resurfacers and other equipment for ice arenas.

Dairy factory | Ukraine, Vinnitsa region

Refrigeration unit Bitzer-Guntner, Ukraine, Vinnitsa region - Dairy factory

For artificial lowering and maintain the temperature below ambient temperature – using refrigeration units. This complex of the equipment, which has a wide spectrum of application. Refrigeration units are used to cool the cooling chambers, storage of flowers, fish, meat, fruit, dairy products, vegetables and other products, and also for refrigeration warehouses, stores, cellars and other premises. In air conditioning and refrigeration systems, indoor air is often used compressor refrigeration units.

During the development of one of the factories for the production of dairy products our company “Europrom” installed used refrigeration equipment from German firm Bitzer-Guntner. This equipment has allowed to solve all the basic requirements of technical specifications, as well as possible to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency across the enterprise.

Over 80 years, enterprise group Bitzer contributes to the field of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, thanks to innovative products and service. Perfectionism and precision – two qualities that define their activity, efficiency and stability. With technical competence and far-reaching aim Bitzer engaged of compressor technology development, and thus justifying its leading position in the market.

Our company is also engaged in the sale of used equipment, such as: chillers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration equipment. The full catalog of products you can be found here.