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Equipment rental | Krostitz, Germany

Сhiller Trane CGAN 214, 120 kW for the company «kW-rent GmbH» (equipment rental)

Need to urgently solve the problem of refrigeration or technological process for a certain period, but no possibility or need to buy equipment? There is an alternative, you can rent it. This service is provided by the German company “kW-rent GmbH”.

They asked us to find the necessary equipment with specific characteristics. We came to a common decision and decided on two chillers of the brand Trane. Equipment of 2010 year of manufacture with refrigeration capacity of 460 kW.

The refrigerating machines are equipped with 6 spiral compressors of the Copeland brand, which are distinguished for their reliability and durability. Also chillers have plate heat exchanger, capacitor with 8 fans. The hydraulic module includes all necessary components for the system operation, namely: pump, filter, expansion tank.

Due to the increase in the number of customers, kW-rent GmbH re-requested to purchase a chiller in the same year, but with different characteristics. Our client appreciated the performance of the Trane brand cooling machine, so this time we chose the same brand, but with different characteristics.

The best option was a single-circuit chiller with a refrigeration capacity of 120 kW. The chiller is equipped with two spiral compressors of the Copeland brand, plate heat exchanger. The hydraulic module comprises a pump, expansion tank and filter. The customer was lucky that it was the chillers of the brand Trane were in stock, as this was their main criterion.

Therefore, those customers who need temporary cooling service can get the solution according to specific requirements in planned or emergency situations through similar companies with equipment rental service.

Chillers from the company Evroprom are time-tested quality! On our website: https://evroprom.com. You will be able to familiarize with the catalogue and filters for each product, and our managers will be happy to help you choose the right equipment at an affordable price. After all, the mission of our company is to help the client in solving the problem of providing production/companies with the necessary refrigeration equipment.

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