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Hotel | Ukraine, Kiev

Water cooled chiller Daikin 120 kW

In search of the chiller we were asked by the hotel administration from Kiev. They needed a used chiller with a water-cooled. These refrigerating machines work on the principle of the condenser cooling water and installed indoors. This scheme work when there is the heat exchanger “water-freon”, which takes heat from the refrigerant and the water warms up. The important point for them was the hot water, which is output from the system. It can be used for various technological purposes or heating. This method makes it possible to effectively use from 20 to 100% of the heat released by refrigeration units. By refrigeration system storage tank (boiler) is connected through a heat exchanger, in which accumulating the hot water.

Our team of experts picked up for them used chiller with a water-cooled of Japanese firm Daikin, with a capacity of 120 kW. Daikin is a global leader in manufacturing and developing household and industrial climatic equipment, heating and ventilation of premises. The enterprise of Daikin has the latest technological equipment. All products are 100% strict quality control. Daikin Europe N.V. controls the network of sales, development and production of Daikin systems in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The group Daikin Europe Group currently consists of the administrative center, 5 production sites, 17 subsidiaries, five sales offices and a network of independent distributors and sales agents in the regions Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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