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Plastic and foil printing | Sopron, Hungary

Сhiller Airwell VLS 1204 HPF, 307 kW for «Advanced Decorative Systems Hungary Kft» (plastic and foil printing)

Beautiful printing on foil and plastic is really fascinating. How often do we wonder how this process works?

The Hungarian company Advanced Decorative Systems Hungary Kft (ADS) quite often uses the IMD method as a starting point, and then applies various processes to create attractive end products. One of them is injection molding (FIM). With the help of FIM, company ADS has developed a multi-step process in which a film with a printed image is inserted into the mold cavity before the plastic resin is introduced. This innovative method involves injection molding plastic parts and then painting them — often in several layers. After that, the painted parts are placed in a holding device, where a high-precision and powerful laser etches the outer layer of paint to detect the painted colors below. In some cases, the laser etches the entire paint to show the color of the injected resin underneath. Paint and laser etched are most often used when icons on a plastic component must be placed with a high degree of accuracy.

The company expands its core capabilities with a number of additional technologies, including: assembly, hot stamping, pad printing, thermal fixation and ultrasonic welding. An important role is played by a properly selected cooling machine for this field of activity. If you fill and cool the form too quickly, it can seriously affect the quality of the product. If filling and cooling is too slow, production costs increase. The key point here is to maximize consumption.

Taking into account all the factors of Advanced Decorative Systems Hungary Kft, we have selected a double-circuit chiller of the Airwell brand with a refrigeration capacity of 307 kW 2012 year of manufacture. Note that the owners of the production should pay special attention to the equipment for accurate control of the temperature regime. The availability of high-quality units will reduce the risk of deformation of products and changes in material and parts. A number of Airwell chiller series meet all requirements and needs in the development and production of decorative parts for automotive, medical and consumer markets. They ensure optimum temperature control by means of special operations and also help to reduce cooling peaks by means of an optimally selected water storage tank.

Chiller was delivered on time by our specialists and the customer has already appreciated the work with the cooling machine. The company Evroprom is grateful for the trust, our specialists are always ready to help with the selection, calculation and delivery of the necessary equipment. Call or write to the specified contact details on the website.