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Generator FG Wilson 50 kW. Ukraine, Odessa - Restaurant "Art Hall"

Electricity generators in demand especially in the period of uninterrupted power supply. These installations have been successfully used on construction sites, social and industrial facilities, such as shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Depending on the operating conditions it is able to perform functions as a reserve or the main source of autonomous power. Unstable power supply may lead to various consequences, one of which is monetary loss. Such public places as shopping malls, bars, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc. Their job and income directly depend on a stable supply of electric energy.

To maintain the quality and presentable brand of the restaurant “Art Hall”, our firm “Europrom” installed used generator. It was developed by company FG Wilson , with headquarters in Northern Ireland. Its capacity is 50 kW, that gives the chance to work the restaurant without any losses. Thanks to its high technical qualities, he can easily cope with any disruptions in the supply of electricity for the premises.

FG Wilson has over forty-five years of experience in the supply of diesel and gas generator sets. World leading position within the power generation industry is as a result of their engineering expertise and the continual investment in new technology and production methods. Product range  includes open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power. Delivers generator sets over 150 countries, theirs global experience and engineering expertise, ensures are best placed to deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced power generation systems around the world.

Our company is also engaged in the sale of used equipment, such as: chillers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration equipment. The full catalog of products you can be found here.