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Winery | Germany, Wittlich

Chiller BlueBox Epsilon Echos 41 kW for "Gebrüder Loosen GmbH" (Winery)

Several decades ago, for the creation of ideal conditions for wine production, winemakers relied exclusively on nature. The first finds, which testify to the existence of early winemaking, were found on the territory of ancient regions: Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan. In Germany since XV century riesling has cultivated a variety of grapes, from which the best in the world white wines are produced, and subsequently, gold time of German wineries began to consider XIX century and to present, demand for German wines constantly grows all over the world. Now, it is important to create the necessary temperature regime for the production of high quality wine, which rarely exists in natural conditions.

Wine is one of the most alcoholic drinks, which requires strict adherence to all the requirements of the production technology. For example, overheating of the wort at the stage of fermentation, will lead to oxidation and as a result, it will affect the quality of the finished product. Due to the strict maintenance of the temperature range, it is possible to preserve the aroma and taste properties of the finished product. Accurate temperature control, significantly affects all stages of wine production, namely:

at fermentation;


before pouring into the container.

Also, it is worth understanding that after the process of wine preparation, application of the cooling system – does not stop. Because for the entire period of storage of the drink, it is necessary to observe temperature indicators:

for red wine – up to +50°C;

for white and pink – up to +12°C;

for sparkling wines – + 9°C.


This year we received a request to select a chiller from the German winery “Gebrüder Loosen GmbH”. The overall solution was chosen by the chiller brand BlueBox with a cooling capacity of 41 kW. The single-circuit chiller of 2016 is equipped with a scroll compressoublhjvjlekmr of the Copeland brand, which is characterized by quality and durability of work. The hydromodule contains all necessary components for system operation: pump, expansion tank, accumulator tank. The system is controlled by the Carel controller.

BlueBox is the first Italian company to produce screw compressor systems, which allowed it to significantly reduce noise and increase reliability. BlueBox is qualified to solve problems of ventilation, air conditioning, cooling of large rooms and is able to offer modern solutions in a range of capacities from 5 to 1500 kW.

Wine is the result of a complex process on the borders of science and art. Also accurate temperature control in wine making is one of the most important technical factors during storage of grapes after harvest, during alcoholic fermentation and low-lactose fermentation, stabilization of wine-making acid content, cleaning and lighting.


Thanks to quick delivery to the required location and installation of the equipment, we managed to ensure timely operation of the production. The client has already had time to estimate advantages and quality of work of the chiller.

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