June 3 2019

Air-cooled chiller Friulaire CWE

If you are tired of the same chiller manufacturers, you are looking for something new, then this article is special for you. We will tell you about the refrigerator of the Italian brand Friulair.

Friulair is a leading international brand of chillers, air dryers, filters. Coolers of this manufacturer are known as super-strong and resistant to any external factors. With a product of cooling equipment, the company chooses, as a priority, compliance with quality standards and the development of new technologies.

The high quality Friulair CWE chiller is manufactured in 2016. Two sсroll compressors provide a cooling power of 91 kW, provided the water inlet / outlet is + 12°C / + 7°C and the ambient temperature is + 35 °C. Two energy-efficient scroll compressors are installed on the chiller. Chiller is single-circuit. The hydraulic module consists of a pump and an expansion tank, which makes the system more stable, maintaining the optimum temperature. The equipment is filled with refrigerant R410A. Chiller weighs 820 kg.

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