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Aircooled chiller McQuay 728 kW
Water chillers Aircooled chiller McQuay 728 kW
  • Brand: McQuay
  • Power: 728 kW
  • Year: 2005
Aircooled chiller Clivet WSAT-YES  85,1 kW
Water chillers Aircooled chiller Clivet WSAT-YES 85,1 kW
  • Brand: Clivet
  • Power: 85.1 kW
  • Year: 2021
Aircooled chiller McQuay 404 kW
Water chillers Aircooled chiller McQuay 404 kW
  • Brand: McQuay
  • Power: 404 kW
  • Year: 2013
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The Evroprom company is a supplier of refrigeration equipment № 1. We offer the largest selection of equipment among the 50 best global brands.  You save up to 70% of the budget with the possibility of fast delivery within 2 weeks by purchasing our used equipment. EVROPROM is reliable, fast and affordable.

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Evroprom company constantly buys: chillers, equipment for shock freezing, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, ice resurfacers and other equipment for ice arenas.

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We have expanded our market reach to Malaysia! As a global supplier of industrial equipment, we offer efficient shipping solutions for our custo... Continue Reading

NEW Hyfra's portable Chillers 2.5kW to 24kW

We have some exciting news to share! A new addition to our fleet has arrived, the Hyfra's portable chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 2.... Continue Reading

New Evaporators arrival 10-57 kW

Evaporators are a key component in a refrigeration system, responsible for extracting heat from the environment and allowing the refrigerant to abs... Continue Reading

The crucial role of chillers in our daily lives

Chillers are an integral part of our daily lives. These refrigeration systems are responsible for maintaining specific temperatures for various ind... Continue Reading

Chillers in wine production. How to calculate fermentation heat?

According to the physiological properties of yeast, it generates heat when fermenting. It means that each yeast cell consumes sugar and oxygen O2 a... Continue Reading

Huge update of CARRIER chillers with NEW condenser

A huge selection of new Carrier chillers with new condenser ranging in power from 200 kW to 265 kW. Continue Reading


If you are still thinking about whether to buy a chiller outlet or a new one, then this article is exactly for you. Today we will talk about the ad... Continue Reading

Chiller with Free Cooling: advantages and features

Chiller with Free Cooling - how sweet the words sound for company owners, chief Power Engineers. Because if you produce products that need to be co... Continue Reading

How receive additional profits from selling used refrigeration equipment?

Many companies get themselves into a situation when there is a need to get rid of used equipment. And the main problem is what to do next with such... Continue Reading

Сhiller for ice arena

Охлаждение ледовой арены это очень ответственная задача, где нужно учитывать множество факторов: климатические условия, тип конструкции, вид технол... Continue Reading

How to buy a chiller suitable for your manufactory?

All about the selection of a chiller The variety of chillers on the modern market is so huge that it’s so difficult to make a mistake choosing the... Continue Reading

All about replacing used chiller in the production process

In this article, we describe the process of replacing old refrigeration equipment Continue Reading

Customer experience

Qualified staff is the basis of the “Europrom” success. We implement the most courageous ideas in life simultaneously having an ethical attitude to... Continue Reading

Buy evaporators Guntner at the best price from EUROPROM

EUROPROM company offers the best refrigeration equipment. We are welcome to show you the new evaporators GUNTNER at our warehouse. The best quality... Continue Reading

Climaveneta chillers replenishment in the warehouse

8 Сlimaveneta chillers have arrived in the warehouse of the Europrom company in Lublin. We have prepared for you a detailed description of the WRAT... Continue Reading

MEGA update of chillers at the EUROPROM warehouse

A huge selection of new chillers (prototypes, test models and just chillers that were not yet in operation 2015-2018 y.p.) from the Italian Blue Bo... Continue Reading

It's HAPPY HOUR in Europrom! - 30 % for all refrigeration equipment ┃Season discounts!

From year to year in Europe, work improves and the most comfortable conditions for its customers are created, with their unique “goodies”. We have ... Continue Reading

All about the process of purchasing, preparing and selling chillers

Hi guys! It’s Europrom company with you! What about talking who we are? Let’s go! You need to immerse yourself in the process in order you understa... Continue Reading

How to profitably sell refrigeration equipment?

Europrom has been actively engaged in the procurement of refrigeration equipment for a long time. In order for our customers to better understandin... Continue Reading

Chiller Carrier 30GX: everything about eco-friendliness and energy efficiency

Chiller Carrier 30GX was made in 2000, but this only once again confirms the reliability of the equipment of this manufacturer. Just look at the ph... Continue Reading

Air-cooled chiller Friulair CWE

Friulair is a leading international brand of chillers, air dryers, filters. Coolers of this manufacturer are known as super-strong and resistant to... Continue Reading

You will succeed with air-cooled chillers Trane

Trade label Trane — it's living history of success, it's way to an excellent work of your business in couple with air-cooled chillers of their prod... Continue Reading

Italians produce excellent equipment, chiller Aermec 150 kW is great example of this

Today we bought used chiller Aermec 150 kW and want to describe it in more detail. Continue Reading

Used chiller Blue Box 494 KW

Evroprom Company has recently purchased two Italian chillers Blue Box of the product line KAPPA V EVO. Used fluid coolers are certified according t... Continue Reading

Used water сhiller Carrier 980 kW

The company Europrom is happy to propose excellent chiller Carrier of the product line 30GX of the 2003 year of manufacture. Continue Reading

Warehouse update, Copeland compressor-condenser unit, GUNTNER

The Europrom company has purchased an excellent compressor-condenser unit of production year 2009. KKB works on Freon R404A, can have both industri... Continue Reading

The warehouse is replenished with Zamboni ice-resurfacer

The Europrom warehouse contains not only chillers of all kinds of options, but also equipment for ice arenas. Recently we purchased a machine for i... Continue Reading

A chiller with water cooling replenished the Trane line

A large range of refrigeration equipment is in continuous availability in Europrom warehouse and recently another stylish chiller of production yea... Continue Reading

Chiller Trane of Series ECGAN of 185 kW. Year of manufacture – 2007.

Multiblock chiller with a cooling capacity of 185 kW has been delivered to our warehouse. Six Trane scroll compressors have four stages of coolin... Continue Reading

Used Chiller Airwell 350 kW. Year of manufacture – 2012.

Europrom constantly renews an assortment of its warehouse. Recently the line of the French brand Airwell has been enriched with a chiller of series... Continue Reading

Used chiller York 752 kw

The assortment of our industrial equipment has been renewed: used chiller of top American brand York, model YAES 0785, has been delivered. Chiller ... Continue Reading

Chiller Hiross-Emerson 107 kW with Free cooling

There are new arrivals at the warehouse. Chiller with a free cooling has been delivered from the large transnational American company Emerson. Continue Reading

Used chiller Trane 1250 kw

Companies “Global Ice Service” and “Europrom Sp. Z. o. o.” have presented one more project. Used chiller has been delivered from the well-known Ame... Continue Reading

We create our own youtube channel about water chillers

Dear friends! We create our own youtube channel. Now you can watch not only the photos of the chillers and read their characteristics, but also se... Continue Reading