May 28 2021

How to buy a chiller suitable for your production?

The variety of chillers on the modern market is so huge that it’s so easy to make a mistake choosing the right chiller. Chillers usually are used for industrial cooling. To make it easier for you to buy the right cooling equipment for your production, we have installed special filters on our website catalog, depending on the purposes. 

On our website you can found such chillers:

-for water

-for meat

-for poultry

-for milk

-for vegetables

-for brewery

-for ice arenas

-for vegetable oil

-for extrusion line

-for injection molding machines

-for reactor cooling

Looking at this list, the question is: how to choose EXACTLY that one chiller?

We highlighted several rules that determine the choice of a chiller:

1. The main characteristic from which to start the selection of equipment is the refrigerating capacity. You can read about how to calculate a chiller in the article or immediately use our Calculator.

2. Identify the specifics of your production. Begin to indicate what function the chiller should perform: cooling only, or cooling and heating options. If you are interested in the second one, pay attention to the chillers with the option of a heat pump and heat recovery.

3. Determine exactly the period of heating: throughout the year or only in the particular seasons. If you need cooling only in the summer, then outdoor or indoor monoblock air/water chillers are most suitable for outdoor installation. If the chiller has to operate all year, then you should pay attention to chillers with free cooling for indoor operation with an intermediate heat exchanger will be an excellent addition to this option.

4.Consider if an outdoor unit can be installed outdoors. If this is possible and the length of the route of the outdoor unit is less than 30 m, then choose a condenser-free (with an external outdoor unit) chiller, and for a route more than 30 m, it is worth considering options for the equipment of an indoor installation with a water condenser.

We emphasize that the choice of a chiller depends on a number of characteristics. One of these is the scale of your production.

For example, chillers for injection molding machines and extrusion lines, preferably use a power of 30 kW. 

For meat, poultry, preferably use a chiller with cooling power of about 200 kW.

For small craft breweries, chillers with a capacity of about 30 kW are used, and large breweries up to 1300 kW. The situation is similar with the dairy industry: for small processing enterprises, equipment is required from 50 kW, and for dairy plants with a much larger scale – from 1000 kW. 

To determine the capacity of a chiller for an ice arena, you need to know the area of ​​the ice rink: the increase is proportional.

                                                                                    Fig. 1. Average values of the chiller power for different types of production  

In spite of the fact that we provide maximum information about refrigeration equipment, you need to contact the specialists who, thanks to the data you specified, will determine the most suitable chiller for you.

Situations when buyers purchase cooling equipment with insufficient power are common. Even among pedantic Germans, this happens: a striking example of this is the chiller Carrier with a remote condenser, installed later due to lack of power. Thanks to ingenuity, it was possible to correct it, but such situations sometimes cannot be resolved. This of course provokes unnecessary costs. 

But it is also important to consider the fact that if you plan to expand your production in the future, the chiller should be taken with a bigger refrigeration capacity.

If you have already decided to buy a chiller, be attentive to the details, check the sellers: look at the website, read the information in such sections as projects, real photos and videos, from the “About Us” section, check the contacts and read reviews on the Internet.

When you buy a chiller, pay attention not only to the general appearance but also to the condition of particular details. If possible, ask sellers not only for photos but also for videos of chillers (we remind you that you can watch videos of all our cooling equipment on our Youtube channel). So you have an opportunity to see the real condition of each chiller.

The best confirmation of the chiller’s quality is a guarantee. When you search for refrigeration machinery, choose only those companies which provide a long-term guarantee. 

For example, the Europrom company provides a warranty for all equipment from 1 year with the possibility of extension up to 3 years.

Pay attention to the description of each product, compose it with a visual picture of the chiller.

Choosing the right cooling equipment is the key to the success of your enterprise! Choose the best – be the best with Europrom!