March 26 2019

Equipment for ice arenas the Zamboni 500

The Europrom warehouse contains not only chillers of all kinds of options, but also equipment for icearenas. Recently we purchased a machine for ice resurfacing from the largest manufacturer of the ice-resurfacing equipment Zamboni, this brand is named after the creator of the ice-cutting and ice-resurfacing mechanism Frank Zamboni. Currently, the company has successfully selled more than ten thousand ice aggregates around the world. Legendary brand is associated with quality and reliable performance, not by accident, it is Zamboni ice-resurfacer that prepare ice for the world championships. The ice-resurfacer used is equipped with a very sharp blade at 195 x 12.7 centimeters, this blade cuts the top layer of ice a few millimeters (the depth of the cutted layer is adjusted depending on the degree of surface damage). The crumbs of ice which appear are collected by special moving augers, 25.4 centimeters in diameter, and are sent to a snow bunker with a volume of 2830 liters. After the damaged layer is cutted, the machine pours a new, 76 thin streams of water coming from the water tanks: 727 liters of the main tank and 273 liters of rinsing. Water fills every crack, removing contaminants and creates a new layer of ice, which is polished with a “water towel”.

The Zamboni 500 is equipped with a four-cylinder 2 liters Ford engine with water cooling, thanks to it all the mechanisms of the machine work coherently. A small engine volume provides more torque and power output than engines with a large volume, while the ice resurfacer consumes half the gasoline than the analogues of other manufacturers. The hydraulic pump has an axial piston, it provides the maximum tractive effort even at low speeds. In all Zamboni tires, tungsten carbide studs are manually installed, thanks to them the ice equipment keys to the ice without spoiling it. The car has a turning radius of 4.8 meters, and its weight is 2985 kilograms.

The Zamboni full-drive ice-resurfacer will be an indispensable assistant for creating, cleaning, leveling, building and polishing ice cover in small, medium and large arenas. By purchasing this unit at Europrom you save about 70% of the cost of the new unit, while our company guarantees correct operation and reliable service of the refrigeration unit.