July 28 2020

Qualitative GUNTNER at the best price

The GUNTNER brand is a world-famous brand of refrigeration equipment, which is characterized by high quality and long-term performance. Evaporators of this brand were recent delivered to the warehouse of Europrom.

Models GHF and GDF size 030/040 were produced in 2006 and 2007 and are in excellent condition (as you can see in the photo).

Evaporators of this German brand have a number of advantages.

Long service term:

-Stainless steel fasteners for ceiling mounting;

-Casing and condensate tray made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy;

-Pipes and body made of stainless steel;

-Powder coated body;

– The tightness of soldered joints.

Optimized airflow:

-Streamer to increase the length of the stream without additional energy consumption

-Changing the radial direction to axial without pressure loss;

-Increase in the volume of the directed flow of ventilated air;

-Effective air distribution throughout the refrigerating chamber;

– Prevention of thermal short air;

High application flexibility:

-Designed for normal and low-temperature cooling chambers;

-Series for HFKW, CO2 and Glycol;

-Ability to use various combinations of materials;

– Lamella pitch from 4 to 7 mm

-For a wide variety of applications and requirements.

Maximum performance:

-High-performance heat exchanger;

-High heat absorption in a small area;

-Special copper pipes with ribbing inside;

-chess tube bundle.

evaporator Guntner

High-performance fans:

-Large air volume;

-High power utilization factor;

-Low noise operation;

-Motor protection: thermal contacts (breakers)

-Single-phase and three-phase execution.

Low cleaning costs:

-lack of condensation due to the thermal insulating sump;

– the corners of the pallet remain clean due to its rounded shape and slope for draining;

-increased melt water runoff with a slope of 45 degrees (for size 040);

– folding pallet (for size 040).

Easy installation:

-Foldable pallet

-Foldable side trim for size (040)

– Schroeder valve at the outlet.


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