March 26 2019

Used chiller Blue Box 494 KW

Evroprom Company has recently purchased two Italian chillers Blue Box of the product line KAPPA V EVO. Used fluid coolers are certified according to the standards of Evrovent and are distinguished by  high efficiency, low-noise operation, compactness, ease in application and elegant style.

Cooling installations are executed in the monoblock, have two independent circuits charged with Freon R134A. Each of chillers has two screw compressors Daikin with inbuilt overload protection, producing 494 kW of cold. M-shaped air-cooled condenser from copper pipes and aluminum lips is being cooled by 8 axial-flow fans. The cooler condensers are equipped with 6-pole electric motors, thermal overload protection and protective grid. Insulated shell-tube evaporator with cryoprotection is developed specially for Freon R134A charging. Thanks to microprocessor, which is controlling the whole automation, there is a possibility of remote control of the chillers. The cooling bodies are galvanized and painted with polyether powder, which ensures high weather resistance. Dimensions are 4.7 x 2.3 x 2.4 m. Weight is 4114 kg.

The company of Italian origin Blue Box has the decent part in the manufacture of systems of conditioning, cooling, ventilation, heat exchangers and hydro kits. Blue Box is using the reputation of reliable manufacturer, thanks to perfect quality of products and wide range. The given cooling machines are designated

for installation on the street; they are in working order and are ready for operation. Chillers can be used in extensive areas, for example, for cooling of industrial, food, chemical plants, printed products, and even for cooling of swimming pools or ice rinks.

The company Europrom is executing the erection and commissioning works of chillers, and also provides warranty till 6 months.