March 21 2023

Expanding Market Reach: Delivering Exceptional Service to Malaysia

We have expanded our market reach to Malaysia!

As a global supplier of industrial equipment, we offer efficient shipping solutions for our customers’ chillers and provide fast and affordable delivery to any port in the world. Our focus on providing top-quality products and exceptional service continues to be our priority.

For our new customers in Malaysia, we have selected a powerful YORK chiller with a refrigeration capacity of 419 kW. This chiller is ideal for cooling botanical-based drugs production. Although the chiller is a used 2000 year model, it is in excellent condition and has a significant amount of working hours (14800), ensuring many productive years to come.

Our ability to offer exceptional service and a broad range of equipment to customers worldwide sets us apart in the industry and choice of the YORK chiller demonstrates commitment to providing the highest quality equipment at the best possible prices.


Our expansion into Malaysia is a testament to our commitment to expanding our reach and providing outstanding service to customers in more countries and regions worldwide. We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our offerings and will continue to rely on us for their industrial equipment needs.