March 26 2019

Сhiller Aermec 150 kW is great example of excellent equipment

Today we bought used chiller Aermec 150 kW and want to describe it in more detail.

Aermec has been mounted on scroll compressors since the year 2003

Water cooler produces refrigerating power of 150 kW, with nominal power of 67 kW. Chiller is executed in soundproof version and equipped with full hydro kit. Equipment is filled with R407C by 22 kg for each out of two loops. New filters have been mounted.

Process unit is designed in such a way: four scroll compressors Danfoss are transferred to one side, and pump, expansion tank and accumulation tank with the capacity of 500 liters to the other. From above 3 axial fans are built-in. Condensing grids are located on each side. Control cabinet with two safety doors is mounted in front.

Equipment occupies four meters lengthwise and one meter width-wise, it weighs a little bit more than 1 ton. Metal case protects constituent parts from damage. Thanks to corrosion coating the refrigerating unit will preserve its attractive appearance for a long period of time.


Aermec is the beloved brand among Italians

Italian company has produced high quality industrial equipment for refrigeration supply according to the standards of Eurovent at all production stages for 60 years. The image of the equipment Aermec is being developed by the design bureau ItalDesign, which is known for creation of the design of such brands as Porsche and Ferrari. The
manufacturer takes part in the European license agreement, has international certificate IOS9001.

Aermec is popular among Italians, because its equipment combines reliable technical “stuffing” and stylish appearance.

Predelivery inspection of the chiller

Before sale our refrigeration specialists conduct complete diagnostics of equipment, after that they pack it in brand film. We fill in checklist and prepare technical documentation. We provide a guarantee for the chiller from 1 till 3 years.

Refrigerating units Aermec are every bit as good as the new equipment, but for a small fraction of the cost, combine high quality and reasonable price.