August 10 2021

How receive additional profits from selling used refrigeration equipment?

Many companies get themselves into a situation when there is a need to get rid of used equipment. And the main problem is what to do next with such equipment?

These are the possible solutions:

– Scrapping chiller

– To sell the equipment

Selling the chiller for scrap, the company receives a minimum profit.

Why such equipment needs to be sold:

– takes up space in the warehouse/factory etc.

– becoming cheaper every year

– the external characteristics of the equipment deteriorate if it is located outdoors and is influenced by environmental factors

Europrom helps companies free up space and generate additional revenue from the sale of unnecessary refrigeration equipment.

We are glad that every day our specialists manage to solve the problem with the equipment of companies from various spheres, buying refrigeration equipment, thereby solving many other issues.

Last week, 2 chillers Blue Box 126 kW and ICS Cool Energy 122 kW arrived at the warehouse from the world’s leading manufacturer of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide fibers and filaments. One of the indicators of the work of our company and the choice for purchasement is the quality of the previous service and, as a result, the excellent condition of the chillers after the exploitation period.

Before purchasement the chillers underwent diagnostics by SWEGON specialists. Also, upon arrival at the warehouse, our engineers again analyzed the state of technology. As a result, equipment with a minimum quantity of operating hours and in perfect condition is already ready for sale.

You can already find chillers in the catalog of our website.

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