May 31 2019

Let's succeed with air-cooled chillers Trane

Everyone knows that great success stories start from something completely insignificant. We offer to start your success story with chillers from the manufacturer Trane. “Why Trane?” You ask. Do you want to know the answer? Read our article and you will find it for sure.

The Trane brand is a living success story, a path to the immaculate work of your business along with their chillers. They were able to confirm this with their own experience! It all started with the usual engineer James Train back in 1885, when he managed to invent a low system of steam TRANE, which became just a jerk of global production of cooling devices. The case of one person soon turned into a whole corporation that made the system with the lowest energy consumption for large buildings, and was later awarded the “Best of the Best” Award by the Environmental Protection Agency. Over time, the manufacturer Trane managed to finally improve its equipment and become a kind of indicator of quality in the world. Not stunning unless: from a small hobby to a better world indicator?

The Trane ERTAB Chiller 269 kW was released in 2000 and is characterized as one of the most durable chillers of its generation. The operation of the chiller is ensured by one screw compressor and one refrigerant circuit. With the introduction of screw compressors, enterprises are able to decentralize compressor stations, since such equipment has smaller dimensions, low noise level, low vibrations and does not require a special foundation.

Most screw compressors with a capacity of up to 300 kW have an air cooling system, which frees the company from having to decide on the supply and disposal of process water circulating in the water cooling system, or on installing equipment for recycling water supply. And again you save money!

And  this is the key to success. One day, Benjamin Franklin said: “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”. The Europrom company cares about saving your money and time, therefore, not only chooses the best refrigeration equipment for you, but also ensures fast delivery (within 14 days), equipment installation and quality guarantee from 1 to 3 years. Do not miss your chance to succeed with the company Europrom.