August 1 2022


If you are still thinking about whether to buy a used chiller or a new one, then this article is exactly for you. Today we will talk about the advantages of used liquid coolers from the company Evroprom.

There is a stereotype in society: new chiller = high-quality, chiller outlet = scrap metal. But it’s time to destroy the myth. Those who have already purchased a supported chiller from the company Europrom (the list of customers can be viewed on the main page of the site) know that there are even more advantages compared to the new one. As statistics show, our customers always turn to us again when they need more refrigeration equipment.

Let’s analyze all the advantages of used chillers (it is important to take into account that now we will talk about our TM coolers that have already been in operation, since we are responsible for their quality; if we talk about other sellers of refrigeration equipment, everything is quite relative).

Advantages of chiller outlet:

1.Price. Equipment that was already in use is cheaper than new. We must be honest, for some models, the price does not differ much, BUT it is important to take into account: at the same price you buy a new chiller, but with a minimum of options, functions, of questionable quality, and immediately on the counterweight — a multifunctional, high-quality chiller outlet. The choice is yours.

2. Quality. We buy chillers from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, France, which are in excellent condition, and do NOT consider options for buying coolers in Poland and CIS states. You may ask why? Thanks to our experience in this field, we have purchased chillers in many countries: if in the first case the Germans and others masterfully protect the equipment, then the second ones masterfully destroy it.  You can see how good the equipment looks, for example, from Germany, on any video of the chiller in our catalog or the Europrom Youtube channel. And, in order not to be unfounded, we recorded an exclusive video for you during the inspection of one of the chillers in Poland. The title of the video speaks for itself. The difference is enormous.

In addition, we buy chillers from well-known world brands that have long gained credibility in the refrigeration equipment market. We study in detail the catalogs of these brands, production technologies and customer reviews to know for sure that this technique will last for many years for our customers.

4. Our buyers, when we are already moving on to the stage of purchasing equipment from entrepreneurs, individuals, etc. (you can read more about the list of those from whom we buy in the article), inspect every detail, all the characteristics that affect the operation of the cooler and, only finally convinced of the quality of the chiller, buy it (more details about the procurement process in the article).

5. Preparation for sale. THE MOST IMPORTANT STAGE is the preparation of the chiller for sale. When the chiller has already been delivered to our warehouse, our specialists, engineers carefully analyze the condition of the chiller again, eliminate possible malfunctions (if any), bring the aesthetic appearance of the chiller to the ideal (we take care of both the technical and visual characteristics of the chiller). They check all the indicators again.

6. Warranty. To ensure that our customers have no doubts about the quality, we provide a warranty for all equipment from 1 year with the possibility of extension up to 3 years.

7. Delivery and commissioning. To make the whole process as easy as possible for you, we organize the delivery and commissioning of the chiller ourselves.

It’s up to you to buy a chiller outlet or a new chiller, but we hope that all the above facts and videos were convincing enough so that you have no doubts. Choose quality proven over the years! Choose a trusted service!