March 26 2019

Chiller Trane of 185 kW. Year of manufacture – 2007.

Multiblock chiller with a cooling capacity of 185 kW has been delivered to our warehouse. Six Trane scroll compressors have four stages of cooling capacity. Aggregate is filled with a freon R407C in amount of 25 kg for each of two cooling loops. The condenser cools off six  fans with a diameter of 710 mm. There is a built-in brazed plate evaporator with a volume of 25.6 l. Electric power supply is 400 V for three phases of 50 Hz. Maximum capacity of consumption is 61 kW. Air consumption is 55400 m3/hr. System operation management is performed by using an adjustment module TRACER CH532. Chiller’s size is 3.4 x 2.3 x 2 m; its weight is 2800 kg. It can be used within the range beginning from average and up to extremely low temperatures. When making adjustments for low mode it is necessary to use ethylene glycol.

Today, Trane is a world leader in conditioning, all chillers of this brand are made of high-quality materials, and they are the most reliable and durable. The company constantly executes a policy of products improvement and provides climatic machines for production of any complexity.

The used chiller Trane complies with the Eurovent standards and has ISO quality standard. The cooling equipment is designed for outside installation. Since cooling is the main mode of the ECGAN chiller, it is used for ice rinks, cooling of technological equipment, injection molding machines, forming machines, thermforming machines, in chemical and food processing industry, etc. Chiller is in perfect condition, has undergone a tech inspection and is ready for operation. Europrom performs adjusting and startup procedures and delivers the cooling equipment on the territory of Ukraine for free.