March 26 2019

Used Chiller Airwell 350 kW. Year of manufacture – 2012

Europrom constantly renews an assortment of its warehouse. Recently the line of the French brand Airwell has been enriched with a chiller of series AQWL1404 STD ELN with a capacity of 350kW. The cooling unit was manufactured in 2012. The equipment is completed with four Bitzer scroll compressors. Each compressor is closed in soundproof enclosure and installed on the rubber of vibration isolator in order to minimize the noise transmission and vibration. Two cooling loops are filled with freon R410A. V-shape condenser is cooled off by eight fans of major diameter with direct drive and three-phase induction motor, equipped with a speed controller and placed in the outside case. Double-circuit plate heat exchanger is isolated with polyethylene foam. Hydronic kit of complete package is equipped with a pump, buffer tank and expansion vessel. Chiller’s controller has a modern microprocessor. Dimensions of the equipment are as follows: 4 x 2.2 x 2.55 m, its weight is 3780 kg.

For already over 70 years the French company Airwell has been producing the innovative climatic equipment that complies with the highest quality standards. Having developed a large trading network present in all continents, today this brand is well-known all over the world.

Air cooling chiller of series AQWL1404 STD ELN designed for outdoor installation is intended for conditioning large objects of living space, commercial real estate, office buildings, and manufacturing plants. The cooling unit is in perfect condition, has excellent technical filling, has undergone a tech inspection and is ready for operation. Aggregate complies with the efficiency class B, has a standard low noise mode. The Europrom crew performs adjusting and startup procedures, makes delivery and issues a warranty for six months.