May 15 2023


Today, we are excited to introduce you to one of the top cooling brands in the industry – EF COOLING. This Swiss brand has made a name for itself with its exceptional laser applications and plastic production solutions. With decades of experience under its belt, EF COOLING is capable of producing a wide range of cooling systems with coolant supply, as well as custom units for thermal stabilization of production machinery.

Their cooling systems are professionally designed and engineered to ensure optimal compliance with all necessary system parameters and customer specifications. And now, we are proud to offer two fantastic EF COOLING units in our stock that we believe you will love.

The first unit is the AIRCOOLED CHILLER EF COOLING 45 KW, manufactured in 2015. It features two Sanyo (scroll) compressors, a hydraulic module with a water pump and open buffer tank, and uses R407C refrigerant. This unit is in excellent condition and ready to cool your production needs.

The second unit we have available is the AIRCOOLED CHILLER EF COOLING WKL 30 KW, manufactured in 2002. This unit features one Copeland (scroll) compressor, a hydraulic module with a water pump and expansion vessel, and uses R407C refrigerant. Like the first unit, it’s also in excellent condition and ready to keep your production running smoothly.

If you’re interested in either of these units or are looking for another cooling solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we can find the perfect fit for your needs. Thank you for considering EF COOLING and our stock of top-quality cooling units!

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