October 17 2019

All about chillers and it's purchasing, preparing and selling chillers

Hi guys! It’s Europrom company with you!

What about talking who we are? Let’s go!

selling of water chaillers

The slogan of the company Europrom: BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE!

To confirm this, we are constantly improving our activities. In order for you not to have any doubts about the quality of our products, we went further. We are shooting REAL videos of our water chillers in the stock in Poland! No photoshop and cheating! We know for sure: used chillers from Germany, Holland, Switzerland are much better than new equipment, and not only in price.

You need to immerse yourself in the process in order you understand how high-quality equipment we offer. Procurement specialists are looking for refrigeration equipment: it may be equipment that was used, but its owner hasn’t need it more, changed its direction, just decided to replace the refrigeration machine, the company went bankrupt or the equipment needs repair, BUT, it’s important to consider that we have NEVER buy equipment with malfunctions that cannot be repaired and will in future affect the operation of the equipment. In the event that Europrom buys a defective chiller, our specialists will immediately eliminate defects upon arrival at the warehouse, bringing the liquid cooler in perfect condition: this applies to both technical aspects and the aesthetic appearance of the machine. On our videos, you may already have noticed that all the equipment goes through the process of adjustment, inspection, washing, packaging in a special branded envelope! Thanks to this approach, our refrigeration equipment not only looks no worse than the new, but also works even BETTER. In order to completely debunk all your doubts, we give a guarantee of 1 year for all equipment with the possibility of its extension!

A definite advantage of Europrom: we never embellish, we do not insist on buying – we just do our job with high quality, the results of which you can see in video and photos, and when you purchase a chiller – in its impeccable work! For more than 5 years, our chillers have been working regularly at enterprises around the world (see the section Our Clients on our website): join them and be better together with Europrom!

You can see the preparation moments in the video below from our Youtube channel: