May 19 2020

Climaveneta chillers replenishment in the warehouse

The warehouse of the Europrom company is constantly updated by new equipment from the best world brands of refrigeration equipment. We present to your attention 8 Climaveneta WRAT chillers. The line of chillers is represented by such capacities: 300, 112, 77 and 44 kW.чиллер

Chillers in this series are equipped with heat exchangers for free cooling – the FREE COOLING option. Liquid coolers of this type are excellent for residential and industrial buildings when cooling is required even during the colder months, or when the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature of the water entering the chiller. In the “free cooling” mode, the liquid is cooled using outside air. Thus, the compressor operates at a significantly lower load or completely shuts down. Thus, it is possible to achieve the desired cooling capacity under the condition of minimal energy consumption. This function is provided by three-way valves and corresponding outlets in the water circuit.

Semi-hermetic piston compressors are installed in WRAT chillers. This model is working with R-407C refrigerant, which doesn’t contain chlorine and doesn’t destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the equipment have hydraulic module, which includes pumps.

All chillers that are in stock from this model belong to the low-noise version. Quiet operation of the equipment is provided by axial fans with a 6-pole electric motor and aluminum impeller blades.

The case of chillers is made of peraluman (an alloy of aluminum and magnesium); the frame is made of aluminum profile, which guarantees protection against external factors on the internal filling of the cooler.

In addition, the equipment of this series has a thermostatic valve, filter driers, sight glasses, solenoid valves in the liquid line, a microprocessor control system, which simplifies and makes the operation of the chiller and its handling perfect.

Europrom company guarantees the quality of the refrigeration equipment that you buy. Our experts will always help you with the selection of suitable equipment, depending on the parameter specified by you, with the calculation of refrigeration capacity, or you can do it yourself using the Calculator on our website.

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