March 26 2019

Chiller Hiross-Emerson 107 kW with free cooling

There are new arrivals at the warehouse. Chiller with a free cooling has been delivered from the large transnational American company Emerson.

Technical specifications of the chiller

Cooling unit Hiross-Emerson with a capacity of 107 kW is in ideal condition and has perfect technical specifications. The used chiller was produced in 2009, equipped with two scroll compressors made by Danish company Danfoss. Three fans with the diameter of 800 mm. cool off the air condenser. Hydronic kit is equipped with a pump, buffer tank and expansion vessel. Dual-circuit chiller operates on freon R407C. Electrical control unit is equipped with contactors, compressor and blowers protection, main supply switch with the ability of blocking the operation if the door is open, checking relay, and correct phase sequence. Controller operation panel is placed on the door of the electrical control unit. The dimensions of the aggregate are 4.1 x 1.2 x 2 m, its weight is 1614 kg.

Chiller with a free cooling Hiross-Emerson saves electric energy and increases an efficiency of indoor air conditioning by using climate patterns, which can become a significant additional energy source.

Emerson combines technologies with engineering in sectors of industrial production, commercial and consumer markets. The company was established in 1890 and named after the company’s founder – John Wesley Emerson. In 2000 Emerson was bought by the companies Hiross and Ericsson Energy Systems AB, and then it broke into Italian and Swedish stock markets under the brand name of Emerson Network Power.

Europrom Company makes warranty for the period from six months and performs adjusting and startup procedures, including oil and filter change, and pre-starting procedure of the whole system. Chillers of the Europrom Company have been serving to their customers without fail for over 5 years.