August 22 2019

How to profitably sell refrigeration equipment?

Europrom has been actively engaged in the procurement of refrigeration equipment for a long time. In order for our customers to better understanding the process of purchasing equipment, we would like to offer you an article about it.

What do we purchase?

Europrom company is engaged in the purchase of used (year of manufacture — from 2000) and stock refrigeration equipment, we can buy equipment that needs repair (see Figure 1). We consider buying both individual machines and integrated logistics centers. If you have changed the direction of your business, you need to free up space for the necessary equipment, plan a reconstruction project, completely empty the warehouse, go bankrupt or just want to sell the refrigeration machine privately, we offer you a quick way to get rid of some problems by selling your equipment for us. We can ensure the dismantling of the equipment that you offer for us. We are supported by several partner companies that specialize in the disposal of refrigerants and other non-recyclable substances, which are used in refrigeration equipment.

types of purchased refrigeration equipment

 Figure 1. Types of purchased refrigeration equipment

In which countries do we buy refrigeration equipment?

We buy used refrigeration equipment abroad: mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England, France, but we are open for cooperation with partners from all around the world (see Figure 2).

countries importing refrigeration equipment

Figure 2. Countries importing refrigeration equipment

Who could become our client and offer equipment for sale?

We purchase equipment from dismantling organizations, refrigeration rental companies, insurance companies, bankruptcy organizations and individuals (see Figure 3).

sources of procurement refrigeration equipment

Figure 3. Sources of procurement of refrigeration equipment

What do you need to sell your equipment for us?

Contact us at the numbers specified in the Contacts or write to us, indicating the year of manufacture, refrigeration capacity and adding the last few photos of the refrigeration equipment. You can also use a special form on the main page of our website, by filling in several points of which, our specialists will contact you afterwards.

We offer:

conditions of purchasing refrigeration equipment

Europrom company is the best choice for the sale of refrigeration equipment! Fast, profitable, reliable!