May 26 2021

All about replacing used chiller in the production process

The replacement of refrigeration equipment in the production process can be due to various reasons: the replacement of faulty/old equipment or change in production scale, for which a different capacity or parameters of the cooling equipment are needed.

In the case of replacement refrigeration equipment, this process takes place as quickly as possible if there is a photo of the nameplate of the previous refrigeration machine or a full description of the brand and model range, which guarantees the accuracy of the power match during replacement. 

If you don’t know these characteristics, you can find out the appropriate cooling capacity by calculating it using a special Calculator on our website, which will indicate the required cooling capacity of the chiller, provided that the data you specified is accurate in all requested fields.

Statistics show a tendency to increase the production scales that provoke additional costs, so a lot of customers are interested in chillers with additional options that can help significantly save the budget. And of course, we are talking about the chiller’s option – free cooling.

In addition, in our warehouse, there are many models of cooling equipment with completely different designs, versions, options, and other characteristics, so our specialists will help you to choose the best chiller which will suit your requirements. 

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