March 26 2019

The Trane chiller with a cooling capacity of 430 kW

A large range of refrigeration equipment is in continuous availability in Europrom warehouse and recently another stylish chiller of production year 2010 replenished the Trane line.

The unit of water cooling is made on the basis of six sealed scroll type compressors a with a cooling capacity of 430 kW, they are insulated with noise-proof housings, thus the compressors are protected from internal overheating and operate at low vibration levels. The monoblock chiller also includes an AC350-190DQ plate-type evaporator of pipe coupling with end slots and two brazed plate condensers with a water volume of 23 liters (the maximum water temperature at the condenser outlet is 60°C). Two independent refrigeration circuits are charged with Freon gas R407C in quantity of 22 kilograms per circuit.

The water duty is equipped with three Samson pumps and expansion vessel. The user-friendly Trane control interface facilitates the use of refrigerating equipment and ensures the highest reliability of automation. The dimensions of the refrigeration system are 3.5 x 0.9 x 1.9 meters, and the weight is 2500 kilograms.

Trane is a trademark of IngersollRand, it is the world leader in the field of system air conditioning. Trane produces a flexible range of refrigeration equipment that meets all customer requirements and occupies one of the first positions in the development of high-performance refrigeration equipment.

The Trane chiller is compact in size, easy to install, reliable and efficient in operation, as well as a long service life. The water cooler is certified according to Eurovent quality standards, has decent characteristics, and also has an ideal exterior appearance. The external metal panels of the unit are easily removed, they are galvanized and powder paint coated. This chiller is pre-owned and used for water cooling in food, processing, metallurgical, manufacturing plants.

The Europrom company conducts a multi-level system for monitoring equipment, gives a warrantee for correct operation of the chiller from 6 months, and also organizes commissioning and free delivery through the territory of Ukraine.