April 15 2021

Customer experience is the best recommendation

Qualified staff is the basis of the “Europrom” success. We implement the most courageous ideas in life simultaneously having an ethical attitude towards our customers and the environment. We have already implemented more than 100 projects.

For instance,  craft brewery “Volynsʹkyy brovar” in Ukraine ordered in our company second-hand chiller Ciat  for expanding its production capacity. Chiller Ciat is one of  the leaders in european refrigeration equipment. 

The quality of each machinery in breweries industry is so important for us, so that’s why we always take decisions seriously. “We chose the equipment, which was made in 2008, but hadn’t worked yet, – said the founder of “Volynsʹkyy brovar” Nikolay Ivashchishin. The advantages of our chiller are: 250 kW of refrigeration capacity with the ability to operate at low temperatures, energy-efficient compressors, option “full hydraulic module” (pump, buffer tank, and expansion barrel). Thanks to the low-noise mode of working machinery the brewers can work in comfortable conditions. The chiller Ciat really works very quietly. 

Hutsul Brewery “Mykulychyn” bought a chiller Climaveneta 140 kW with option free cooling, and a year later – іtalian chiller Uniflair 75 kW.

“We have only the best impressions about cooperation with the company “Europrom”, – said the director of the brewery Vasyl Motruk. – Before the meeting “Europrom”, we worked at conventional compressors, we hadn’t faith in the promised opportunities and savings from the work of chiller Climaveneta. We bought this powerful chiller because we had lacked the cold. In this chiller, there is an option of cooling in the winter at the expense of outside air with the minimum use of the electric power – frее coоling. To tell the truth, from december to march the compressor was really switched off and the cooling process took place at the expense of outside air. We also bought a less powerful сhiller Uniflair also with frее coоling option (because the power of the Climaveneta 140 kW was too heavy for us). I got all the necessary information: the chiller was still in Europe, but I had the opportunity to see the photos, specifications, condition of machinery. Specialists from “Europrom”  set up, switch on, and also taught the basic principles of operations of сhiller Uniflair. But generally, сhiller is already automated. 

American сhiller Trane 1300 kW was bought by plant “Radomyshl” for cooling the new beer and lemonade production line. Also, Europrom company installed compact сhiller Lennox17 kW for “Khotonovskaya brewery”, also in Ukraine. 


Since the launch of the brewery in 2007, we have doubled our capacity, started producing more than 30 tons per month and expanded the line of beers to 6. Reconstruction was carried out, the four-capacity order of production was established, however, the chiller Lennox worked uninterruptedly from the very beginning. We preferred the used chiller because it was twice as cheap, although the quality was like the new one. Now we are discussing with the “Europrom” options for buying another one machinery, – said the owner of breweries HOTT’S Vasyl Pryshchepa.


The principle of choosing reliable equipment has allowed to actively expand the production of craft beer in “Beer Dwarf” in Kyiv. The “Beer Dwarf” bought a chiller Climaveneta 63 kW

“We have experience working with chillers from other manufacturers, but Italian Climaveneta is better and more reliable and the company “Europrom”  provides excellent services. This chiller works for more than 2.5 years and during this time we have increased production from 4 to 30 tons per month. Today we brew 4 types of beer: “Burshtynove”, “Bile”, IPA, and Austrian Shout, whose recipe we brought from Austria, – said brewer Yuri Prysyazhny.

All brewers try to improve the quality and reliability of their products and modern production. According to the company’s director “Europrom” Dmytro Lychak, used chillers from Europe is the most cost-effective solution that allows buying reliable production equipment with savings of up to 70% of the cost of the new equipment. 

The advantage of the company is the warehouse in Europe where there are always a huge selection of models from leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment: Trane, Carrier, York, Lennox, Riedel, Ciat, and Climaveneta. The multilevel system of control of our equipment allows providing inspection by experts, an assessment of operational characteristics, and also before and after-sales service. We also offer to draw up the necessary documentation for the transportation of goods, its transportation from abroad, and free delivery as soon as possible. Our services include launchers, installation, and settings of machinery. Moreover, “Europrom” give a warranty on equipment from 6 to 12 months.