March 26 2019

Used chiller Trane 1250 kW at the best price

Companies “Global Ice Service” and “Europrom Sp. Z. o. o.” have presented one more project. Used chiller has been delivered from the well-known American company TRANE, model RTAC 375. The equipment has been bought by one of our regular customers in Uralsk (one of the major companies providing services in oil and gas industry). Company deals with the installation of component parts on the gas pipelines. In order to produce details, gas cooling to low temperatures by using a cascade method is required.

Cooling unit has been delivered from Switzerland. Is was constructed in 2002, however it was frequently used, therefore, at the moment of its sale there was only 10000 operating hours on the controller. The unit is in perfect condition and has excellent technical specifications; it has been executed in low noise configuration (Low Noise). This is one of the largest aggregates in the air cooling line.

Refrigerating power of 1250 kW is provided by four TRANE screw compressors. All processes are under control of the reliable controller – TRANE ADAPTIVE CONTROL. Cooling of the 13-meter condenser is performed by 22 fans (Low Noise). The used chiller has been filled with freon R134A, each circuit consists of 179 kg. and 154 kg. correspondingly. The unit size is 11370 x 2280 x H2570 mm, its weight is 11260 kg. Maximum capacity of electricity consumption is 416 kW. The cooling unit complies with the standard Eurovent. It is designed for outside installation. It has such peculiarities as rather small required space, connecting to a power supply at one point, precise load matching; it has been executed in low noise configuration (Low Noise).