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printing industry | Łódź, Poland

Chiller BlueBox Epsilon Echos 30 kW for « Semper Sp.z o.o.» (printing industry)

How is the chiller used in printing production? For high-quality printing, a stable temperature of the humidifying solution is required, and the use of chiller in the humidifying system for the tempering provides the necessary cooling stability and circulation of the solution. The image is transferred to the base by a shaft or shape with an appropriate temperature. Overheating of the equipment can lead to premature coagulation or sealing of the paint. That is why for cooling printing machines, used chiller.


Among the clients of the company «Europrom», as you understood, there are also printing houses. With this request to us Polish company «Semper Sp. z o.o. ». Our manager offered the best option for the desired parameters. We stopped at the 2017 single-circuit chiller with a refrigeration capacity of 30 kW. It is equipped with two fans with a smooth adjustment of revolutions, spiral compressor SIAM, which are known for their reliability and durability. The hydraulic module includes the necessary components for the system operation: pump, expansion tank, safety valve. The system is controlled by a CAREL UPC controller.


Chillers in printing houses is a separate type of refrigeration equipment, designed to control the temperature of humidifying solution, printing rollers, ultraviolet lamps for drying, paint tempering system. They have their own features, namely automation system, layout, additional units and operation features. Therefore, when selecting a chiller for the company «Semper Sp. z o.o. » these aspects were taken into account.

Thanks to our specialists, the cooling machine was delivered and installed in the right location within two weeks. The client has already appreciated the advantages of working with chiller, and we are satisfied that the cooperation was successful.

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