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Evroprom company constantly buys: chillers, equipment for shock freezing, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, ice resurfacers and other equipment for ice arenas.

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More of our cooling equipment have found a new home! As a leading provider of high-quality refrigeration equipment, we take pride in offering our customers products that meet their specific needs.

This time, we’re happy to announce that our condensing unit EMICON MCE 75 KW and air-cooled chiller STULZ WPA 169 KW have found their perfect fit for production souses, ketchup, and packages for them. Before being sold, both of these machines underwent a thorough examination by our experienced engineers and were put to the test on our testing station. As a result, we’re confident that these cooling equipment will perform at their best for many more years.

We understand that investing in new refrigeration equipment can be a costly undertaking, which is why we’re committed to offering high-quality used units at an affordable price. Our customers can save money by taking advantage of this opportunity while still getting top-of-the-line refrigeration equipment for their production processes.

In fact, one of our customers recently took advantage of our used refrigeration equipment offerings and was extremely satisfied with the results. Not only did they save money, but they also received reliable and efficient refrigeration equipment that met all of their specific needs. We’re always happy to help our customers find the perfect refrigeration solution for their unique requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about our used refrigeration equipment offerings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts would be happy to answer any questions and guide you through finding the perfect refrigeration solution for your specific needs.

As a final note, we invite you to check out the video of the loading of our beautiful equipment. We hope it gives you a sense of the quality and care that we put into every piece of refrigeration equipment that we offer.