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Chiller Blue Box Epsilon Echos for the ARTUZ AQUA Factory

This year, the ARTUZ AQUA soft drinks factory from the city of Teplodar, Odessa region, has joined the number of our clients. Our task was to select a chiller for a plastic bottle production line.

Our specialists proposed a single-circuit chiller manufactured in 2013 from the Italian manufacturer Blue Box Epsilon Echos with a capacity of 14 kW.

The refrigeration units of this series are very compact and perfect for small businesses. The chiller is equipped with a Danfoss scroll compressor that runs on R410A refrigerant and a plate heat exchanger. Two fans are located on the side wall of the machine and have a stepless speed control. The hydronic module contains a pump, an  expansion vessel and a safety valve.

A number of stock chillers of the Epsilon Echos series with capacities from 13 to 40 kW are presented on our website, as well as other stock, new and used chillers from well-known world manufacturers.

The company “Europrom” offers refrigeration machines with a power range of up to 1500 kW and with additional options (heat pump, free cooling).

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If you need help in choosing – contact us, we will calculate the chiller capacity and select a refrigeration unit for all your requirements.