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Chiller BLUE BOX ZETA for company KKA from Germany

Chillers are used not only in the food industry, but they are also widely demanded in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, as well as in various areas for cooling molds, in vacuum technologies.

This year we have cooperated with such enterprise. This is the KKA company from Germany. The range of services offered by KKA includes production systems for the automotive industry, furniture decoration, a wide range of applications for technical textiles, adhesive tape production, and flooring.

This company has set itself the task of creating a laboratory system to provide customers with the best possible support and the most appropriate equipment for their products. To implement the project, the company needed a chiller. Our specialists offered a stock chiller from the Italian manufacturer BLUE BOX. A stock chiller is the best solution for a limited budget. The main advantage of such product is the price, because you get a new chiller at a reduced price.

A chiller from this manufacturer is installed at firm KKA – BLUE BOX ZETA with a capacity of 159 kW. The chiller is manufactured in 2019, equipped with two scroll compressors of Copeland brand, which are the market leaders in refrigeration units.

BLUE BOX is a leader in the air conditioning market. The entire range of Blue Box group equipment is environmentally friendly. The company has a qualified approach to the problems of ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration of large premises and is able to offer modern solutions in the range of capacities from 5 to 1500 kW.

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