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Chiller for the meat processing plant "OLEWNIK" in Poland

Chillers from the Europrom company work at factories around the world. Thanks to a wide choice of equipment in different capacities and with many options, we always manage to find the right equipment for our customers at an affordable price.

чилер для охлаждения мясного цеха

We were approached by the meat processing plant “Olewnik” in Poland with a request to choose a chiller in accordance with the parameters required to cool the indicated production volumes of this type.

Our experts have selected a 2013 chiller from the Clivet brand with a cooling capacity of 1384 kW, which is ideal for cooling the meat. europrom for olewnik

The chiller is equipped with RefComp twin screw compressors for two refrigeration circuits, which guarantees reliable operation of the equipment. There are also 3 pumps installed in the machine, thanks to which the required water pressure in the pipeline is provided.

More information about this product can be found on the catalog page of our website at the specified link. The video below also shows that this used chiller is in excellent condition and even in terms of external parameters, it is no worse than a new one.

Meat is a product that requires a certain temperature for storage, the quality of which depends on the reliability and continuity of the operation of refrigeration units. We are responsible for the reliability of the equipment that we not only sell for you but also guarantee commissioning so that you do not have any doubts.

Entrust the cooling of your production to Europrom. We will choose the best one for you!

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